What sets us apart is that we perform a 100% accounts payable review with a team that specializes in the subject matter under review.

Opportunity: 65% of all state and local sales tax refunds due are not paid. This translates into an estimated $85 million in tax left unclaimed each year!

Implementation: There are eleven areas of Minnesota sales tax that have potential for refunds. Two of the most widely defined areas are capital equipment and repair parts. Minnesota is one of only two states that taxes an item in advance, leaving it incumbent on the company to then apply for a refund which is often overlooked or miscalculated. This is only but two of the eleven areas where Minnesota manufacturers are due refunds. ThreeFive recovers unclaimed taxes paid by its clients by performing a 100% accounts payable review by a team that specializes in Minnesota sales tax law. ThreeFive employee and contract consultants bring over 80 years of MN DOR experience and reverse audit experience—this is quite significant when the objective is to recover the full amount due on your behalf.

Result: Upon completion, no tax remains paid in error and client refunds are received… before we are paid!

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