We set ourselves apart by performing 100% accounts payable reviews performed by teams that specialize in the subject matter under review.  This led to our ownership of the Sales Tax Refund market and our expansion into services that optimize deductions thereby increasing our client's refunds:

Cost SegregationCost segregation is a thorough asset analysis to identify building components, the costs of which can be recovered over 5 to 15 years instead of the standard 39 years. The net result is typically a large one-year tax deduction that will increase our clients’ cash flow.

Meals & EntertainmentWith tightened cash flows during these new and challenging economic times, taking a closer look at a company’s meals and entertainment expenses subjected to the 50% “haircut” can save tax dollars and lower a company’s effective tax rate.

Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD)If you are engaged in domestic production activities, you may be entitled to an additional federal tax deduction amounting to 9% of your net income. These determinations can be simple or complex, ThreeFive works directly with you to determine the “qualified production activities” and to see if you are eligible. ThreeFive will help you decide if an IRS-recommended statistical sample is necessary.


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