Alyson Husu

Director of Sales and Marketing

Alyson Husu joined ThreeFive Inc. in April 2015 as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Alyson is from St. Paul, MN and went to college at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO on an academic scholarship. She graduated with honors and received a BA in Psychology and Certificate in Human Resource Management. Her background includes over 4 years of experience as a sales executive within the retail, print and staffing industries.

After graduation, Alyson moved to Kansas City, MO and started her career as a Sales Manager and Buyer for an interior design business. There, she bought and sold high-end home furnishings to an elite clientele and managed a team of 14 sales associates. After two years she decided to move back home to MN taking a Sales Account Executive position for a value added reseller of office equipment and cloud-based services.  She consistently exceeded expectations and was recruited by a startup staffing agency in Minneapolis. Alyson was excited to be a part of developing something and accepted. After only eight months, she had built a 9-city territory with a solid client base and recurring revenue stream that is still thriving. During that time, she met ThreeFive’s CEO/Founder, Steve Erickson, while trying to gain his business and was impressed with Mr. Erickson’s company and vision for the future. Currently, Alyson’s role with ThreeFive is to identify opportunities and ensure clients receive the full benefit of state-local sales tax refunds, as well as federal and state tax credits, incentives, and deductions that are available.  She is also responsible for expanding and overseeing the sales team and executing marketing initiatives.