No matter how recent or how thorough your last audit, there is a good chance that you’re still leaving money on the table.

Opportunity: While Minnesota ranks number one nationally for recoverable sales tax paid in error, many other states are also well known for client overpayments or accrual errors.

Implementation: ThreeFive has reviewed and submitted claims utilizing its methodical sales tax recovery service for clients in over 30 States. ThreeFive has 80 man-years of contract consultant experience understanding which states, and which areas in those states, are most client friendly in terms of payment of refunds. We take great pride in working diligently and effectively while minimizing any time impact on our clients. ThreeFive accomplishes this by leveraging our deep expertise and focusing on the most relevant areas for refund potential. Further, when claims are submitted directly to the vendor, ThreeFive prepares the “refund-vendor request” on behalf of the client for credit or refund.

Result: Upon completion, no tax is left paid in error and available refunds due are received… before we are paid

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