Steve Erickson

CEO / Founder

Mr. Erickson comes from the consumer product industry where he learned to move millions of units against P & G and General Mills while honing his business skills at The Pillsbury Company.  Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mr. Erickson learned the value of hard work on his Grandparents farms. About his background, he states, “you sort of learn how to be a straight talker without upsetting people and just doing what you say you’ll do becomes second nature.  As with anything, people make the difference and at ThreeFive I’m really proud to be able to have created a highly niched business built around a great team of individuals that really care about the job they do for our clients.” It’s been nearly 14 years since Mr. Erickson founded ThreeFive Inc. to recover sales tax refunds due Minnesota corporations. Under his leadership, the company has developed deep relationships with longstanding corporate clients – including an impressive list of well-respected Fortune 500 companies across a broad array of industries – their reviews have resulted in consistent recurring commission-based revenues and over $80 million in recoveries. The company’s business model is built on auditors with decades of inside experience from the IRS and State Government agencies.

Under Mr. Erickson’s guidance, ThreeFive is quickly becoming a recognized service provider offering its clients and CPA affiliates a single source for all of their peripheral tax benefit and audit defense services. Its credit and deduction offerings are now growing so fast, they will soon surpass its sales tax refund revenue.