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Steve Erickson

Founder & CEO

Steve learned the value ofhard work growing up on hisgrandparents’ farm.

Career History

Mr. Erickson begin his business career with The Pillsbury Company as a sales executive quickly earning top account management responsibility with grocery retail in the Unites States. Mr. Erickson continued his consumer career as a marketing promotions manager for international Multifoods and then began embarking on entrepreneurial ventures before forming ThreeFive in 2002. Since it’s inception, Mr. Erickson has turned ThreeFive into a premier corporate tax benefit provider with an elite cadre of tax professionals serving the refund, credit, and deduction needs of larger Fortune 500 clients throughout the United States. Mr. Erickson continues to focus himself on clients needs, and leads staffing and growth efforts to further entrench ThreeFive as a national leader in the corporate tax benefit space.


ThreeFive recently hit a recovery milestone of over 100 million of tax benefit recoveries for its corporate clientele including its CPA & PE partnerships. In addition, it will launch its own software in 2019 to compete against Vertex, and Thompson Reuters OneSource.

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Nestled in the heart of the Twin Cities on Lake Calhoun, ThreeFive has fostered a work environment to attract key talent that is second to none in addressing corporate tax benefit opportunities for its clients.

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