Hoffman Enclosures Inc. / Pentair
“ThreeFive did an excellent job of recovering a significant amount that had been overlooked by another firm who did a first pass at submitting our claim – in addition, they greatly assisted in reducing our tax liability during a recent Minnesota sales tax audit.” Steve Chlupsa, Vice President Finance

Eaton Corporation
“I have worked with three sales tax specialist firms in the past and found ThreeFive process superior to the others. They are very knowledgeable of sales tax code, very responsive and thorough. You can’t under estimate their expertise and reverse audit experience.” Gerald Bezdicek, Hydraulics Division Accounting Manager

Ecolab Inc.
“They quickly grasped an intimate knowledge of our system and provided the expertise and review process to assist a corporation this size in all areas of Minnesota sales tax law. They did an excellent job preparing our claim for refund – in addition, we greatly appreciated their assistance during our recent Minnesota sales tax audit.” Stephen R. Scobee, Director of Tax

CHS Global
“ThreeFive was respectful of our working environment, they didn’t bother me or my staff with excessive questions, and they even left our files in order. I feel certain that we obtained a maximum refund by leveraging their in-depth sales tax and reverse audit experience.” Tim Turgeon, Excise Tax Manager

RR Donnelly (former Banta Corporation)
“We parted ways with our National Recovery firm after we learned of ThreeFive – they found a significant amount yet to recover even after it had already been reviewed twice.” Darrelee Kinas, Tax Manager

Donaldson Company, Inc.
“They are the experts in Minnesota for sales tax recovery. None of the other firms we’ve used in the past have been able to provide the level of detailed service we received from ThreeFive.” Gavin Bade, Manager, State and Local Tax

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