Property Tax

Opportunity: ThreeFive provides Real Property Tax expert valuation and appeals services to our clients which positively impacts their budgets due to paying the proper amount of property tax.

Implementation: The assessed value of real property throughout the country is mostly performed by county assessors.  The result of the assessment should be equal to the current fair market value of the property.  These assessments get out of alignment with that intended result for corporate office buildings, manufacturing, warehouses and other types of structures all over the U.S.  Real property valuation and appeals services provides organizations with the opportunity to review these assessments and seek to realign them with the fair market value, which results in the proper tax liability being paid.  ThreeFive reviews your holdings based on the three assessment approaches, which are cost, sales and income.  The research is gathered on your property and compared to other similar properties to determine if the assessment is overstated against the fair market value.  The completed analysis is utilized to discuss the assessed value with the local assessor to seek an adjustment to the value.  If the assessed value cannot be adjusted using this proactive approach, an appeal is prepared and readied to bring your evidence of value to the local administrative board.  A formal appeal to the applicable tax court may occur to pursue the proper valuation of your property.

The property tax experts, with over 35 years of property tax experience, collaborates and updates you from the start of the analysis to the new negotiated value of your property.  The property tax team utilizes their extensive knowledge and experience with local counties, boards and courts to achieve the proper result for your organization.

Result: Once completed, the result is an agreed upon assessed value and lower property taxes paid on your organization’s real property.

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