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Our property tax experts have more than 35 years of experience delivering results to our clients with properly assessed property values that positively impact their budgets.

ThreeFive ensures our clients pay the right amount of property tax by providing Real Property Tax expert valuation and appeals services.

The assessed values of real property throughout the country are typically performed by county assessors. Their valuations intended to reflect the current fair market value of the property. However, this assessment often fails to achieve their intended result for many corporate office buildings, manufacturing, warehouses and other types of structures all over the U.S. due to ever-changing business variables.

ThreeFive’s real property valuation and appeals services provide organizations with the opportunity to review assessments and realign them with the current fair market value, which often results in significant reductions to tax liability. ThreeFive will review your real property holdings based on the cost, sales and income valuation approaches. The completed analysis is utilized to seek an adjustment to the value where applicable. If the assessed value cannot be adjusted using this proactive approach with the local assessor, a valuation appeal will be prepared for delivery to the local administrative board and, if necessary, to the applicable tax court.

Our property tax experts collaborate with you and the taxing authorities to negotiate the appropriate value of your property. They leverage their extensive knowledge and experience with local counties, boards and courts to achieve the right assessment for your organization.

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