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Almost every company enters Enterprise Software contracts that it doesn’t fully understand or appreciate with its software providers. As a result, our clients are paying huge sums of money for software licenses they don’t even know they don’t need.

Trapeze™ is a new company created to fill a significant hole in the corporate marketplace to analyze a client’s Enterprise Software licenses with the large software corporations that hold all of the cards and information in licensing negotiations. These amounts are often sizable. The scope of the license and your needs can be analyzed and audited in conjunction with the business recovery model ThreeFive has utilized for over 20 years for its national Fortune 500 clientele. Put simply, your license is probably much broader and more expensive than it should be.

Trapeze™ has inside knowledge in the tricks of the trade and can use their experience in the field to significantly reduce your licenses. Trapeze™ will thoroughly evaluate your needs and your software maintenance and subscription with Tier 1 vendors. Acting as a single source of truth for your software usage, Trapeze™ works with corporate leaders and executives to ensure your organization is “right sized”. Tier 1 contracts can be overwhelming and intimidating. Trapeze™ leverages decades of industry expertise and market insight to identify where you are over-licensed, and achieves data driven results to assist in negotiating lower cost enterprise software agreements. This can result in six and seven figure annual savings.

Once engaged, Trapeze™ will obtain and review your software vendor invoices and Tier 1 contracts. Trapeze™ handles almost all the details and will keep your staff time minimal. When finished, Trapeze™ will facilitate a negotiated new contract from client’s software vendor.

Trapeze™, like ThreeFive, works on a contingency basis. Trapeze™ is only paid if the client receives a benefit from the service.

Trapeze™ Software invoice reductions

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