ThreeFivewas founded to address peripheral tax opportunities that can deliver significant value to the bottom line.

In the general tumult of daily operations, we have found our clients have been billed and/or paid out far too much in taxes or overcharges. We were founded on the premise that the recovery of these monies provides significant value to our clients bottom line. ThreeFive leverages decades of State and IRS audit and tax experience to maximize the total benefit due. By implementing this process, ThreeFive has successfully recovered over $50,000,000 for clients of all sizes throughout the United States. Not only do we have a strong track record of success, our services are performed on a contingent basis. In contracting with ThreeFive, there are no risks, limited staff time involvement, and we are only paid a percentage of the benefit received.

ThreeFive has successfully recovered over $50,000,000

for clients of all sizes throughout the United States.

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